"The times they are a changin'"

Since the murder of George Floyd, brands around the world are using this moment to make a statement against discrimination.

We understand that there is much work to be done to fight the injustices in our world and want to help make the world a better place for all marginalized communities.

The founders of Band of Gypsies came of age in Los Angeles during the 60’s and 70’s when the city was a musical mecca. When Jimi Hendrix recorded as “Band of Gypsys” and kids hitchhiked to San Francisco with flowers in their hair. That was our inspiration, and we’ve always hoped that our clothing captures that bohemian “free spirit”. We recognize that the Romani people are the real “gypsies” and that a very high percentage of Romani people are impoverished and among Europe’s most marginalized and discriminated populations.

We have been presented with a unique opportunity to make a statement, establish strong core values, and position ourselves as a cause-driven company. We have made the difficult decision to re-brand “Band of Gypsies”. As we reestablish and transition ourselves with a new brand name we will still be bringing you your favorite bohemian styles but from the “B.O.G Collective”.

As we use this moment to make a statement against injustice and discrimination, we are redefining our acronym, B.O.G. stands for the following.


A Bohemian is an individual living a free spirited, creative and to some an unconventional life. At BOG Collective we encourage diversity and taking the road less traveled. We hope our clothes inspire you to find your own inner bohemian.


We want to embolden our community to be themselves and embrace what makes them unique, authentic, and celebrates their originality.


We are beyond grateful for you, our customers, and for the opportunities we have been given. We are taking steps towards being a cause-driven company and to give back to our community. We will shortly be putting forth brand promises and initiatives that express our core values.

We are so excited for this next adventure and can’t wait to welcome you all to join us.

Stay tuned for more info regarding our new brand promises and cause-driven initiatives coming soon!

B.O.G Collective
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