Your March Horoscope

Your March Horoscope

March 13, 2018

Monthly Muse: Pisces

Monthly Muse: Pisces

Pisces, this month will be big. You will find intensity from the new moon in your sign, which will cause highs and lows. This month will find a new start as the energy moves throughout the affluence of planets in your sign. Don’t try to control what happens, because destiny will take charge this month and you will need to go along for the ride. With Mercury going retrograde on March 22, be sure to be mindful of how you manage your finances. Your love life will be under the spotlight in March. It will be full of unpredictable changes and will be intensified. Be prepared for you wild ride, and enjoy the moment!


This month will be action filled for you, Aries! Both your work and love life will experience heightened activity. Your creativity as well as your intuition will also be heightened, making this month the perfect time for transformation. Mercury in your sign goes retrograde on March 22. Be sure to keep yourself organized in order to keep the month running smoothly. You have to let go of the past in order to take on good changes to come.

This month, you will have more time to sit back and assess how you feel about situations. Your intuition will guide you to take time before you make a final decision. Be mindful about the information you share with certain people. Your friends will be supportive this month. You will find this being helpful as you will walk into a new direction in life. Pay attention to your love relationships, it will be in the spotlight in March.

With activity in your solar eleventh house, your social life will be at a high this month. Be careful, since Mercury is going retrograde later this month, be conscious and sensitive to how you approach certain situations. Not only does your social life activate, your career will receive a little boost as well! Be prepared to promote yourself and be your own boss. Not everyone will be on board, but the people who matter will be. Be sure not to ignore your family.

Be sure to not neglect the most important and dear relationships in your life. This month will be filled to the brim with excitement, and you will never find yourself bored. Be sure to think before you react, Cancer, as you will find yourself wanting to overreact to situations, especially at the first full moon. At the second full moon, you will need to direct your attention to family. Your career will surface and have energy this month. As this is a good thing, be sure to pay attention to your relationships as well.

Opportunity for your ultimate dreams to come true will surface this month. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities. Be sure to promote yourself in business. Leos are good at negotiating, so use this skill to your favor. As Mars moves to your area of productivity on the 17th, you will find yourself energetic and more able to construct organization. Finances will be in your favor this month as well. However, don’t act abruptly--be careful with your funds.

The new moon this month will bring you a spurt of energy. With this energy, you will find your love life heightening. If you are single, you may meet someone new. If you are already in a relationship, remember compromise is key. Not only will partnerships in your love life be important, partnerships in business can boost your finances. As this sounds like a good thing, be sure to be smart in making decisions that will make you happy as well. Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 22nd. Aim to please both you and your partner in this collaboration.

This month will be a roller coaster ride for you, Libra. All of the work you have put in will finally pay off, but not without a boost of energy! Start this month off with organizing yourself and beginning new. The second half of March, Mercury, Venus, and the sun will all move into your love zone. This will be the time to focus your attention on relationships. However, Mercury will go into retrograde on March 22. This will create opportunity for you to talk to people from your past, or resolve a tiff between you and a loved one.

This month will be a good time to focus on your health and wellbeing. March will bring on productivity, so take advantage of setting new goals and disciplines to benefit your health. Be careful not to take the discipline overboard, Scorpio. Remember, balance is key to well being, and it is good to be realistic about your goals. Someone you know will open up an opportunity for you to take a different path. Close ones will want to give you their advice, but listen to your own intuition. An opportunity through someone you know can set you on a different journey.

Your bank account will be blessed this month. With Mars moving in, be mindful and careful of how you spend your money. However, with Mars moving to your money zone, be careful not to be impulsive with decisions or purchases. You may find friends to be opposed to your plans, but this may be just the space you need to follow what your intuition tells you. Be honest about your feelings in your love life. This month is the perfect month to think and reflect, due to Jupiter going into retrograde.

You are in for a pleasant surprise in March! Family dynamics will change, and friends will be there for you. You will find that business will come in from all sides. You will be open to different people and cultures, which will heighten your intimacy and business life. Use this time to learn a new skill for your career.

Your star-chart holds news for money and love this month. Your finances will strengthen from your hard work, and your sense of self will be built up. This will benefit your social and love life. Remember to communicate effectively, and to let your high energy settle before responding. Your career will all come together the way it should. Patience is key, Aquarius.

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